25 July 2024

Hello.  Autumn/Winter

Go to the Website At this time of year, we find ourselves looking at how we can save money. We are all trying to resist the urge of switching on the central heating until at least mid-October, so we dig out those big cozy jumpers and blankets instead. Are you avoiding putting on the central heating too because of the cost?

Did you know that limescale build up actually makes your home less energy efficient? Yes Really!

Bear with me…. Remember the infamous 'Kettle' comment said by Boris last year? Although this is on a very small scale, he was actually kind of on the right path but he used the wrong example!
Hear me out.

Logically, if your Kettle is full of limescale, it will take more electric to boil the water because the limescale is causing a wall/barrier between the element that heats up and the water it needs to boil. Hence why a new kettle would be more energy efficient.

No limescale = boils quicker = less electric

Same with your home, but on a much larger scale. If your home is in a hard water area, chances are you have limescale build up in your home (like the top picture). This means your boiler will be on for longer periods of time as the heat has to penetrate through the limescale wall before it even enters your home. Therefore your boiler will be working harder and for longer, which not only means the life of your boiler can decrease, it also means increased energy bills.

No Limescale = House heats quicker = boiler on less often = energy saving
Go to the Website Limescale build up occurs when the calcium in the water is heated.

When looking at Calcium under a microscope, it looks like a jagged snowflake. When it is heated, it sticks together like a jigsaw puzzle. If untreated, limescale builds up causing thick barriers, like the photo above.

Calcium, unheated, can leave white marks on your glass wear, cold water taps, toilets, or when you wash your car.

The most efficient way, and only way, to REMOVE the calcium from your water at home (and remove existing limescale and stop the future build up) is with a Water Softener.

(Search our website for ECO15ULTRA for further information)

A water softener will protect your whole home against limescale build up, including any appliances you have that use water, hot or cold - so washing machines, dishwashers, taps, kettles, coffee machines, showers, baths etc. will be protected and also glass products (glasses, shower screens etc.)

Go to the Website We completely understand that not everyone can budget for or have a water softener installed in their home, for many different reasons.

We also sell an amazing Electronic Scale Conditioner called the Water King Sentry. This TREATS the Calcium rather than remove it (Search our website for Sentry)

These are the next best thing if a water softener is not for you.

The Sentry is an Electronic Scale Conditioner, so there is NO PLUMBING involved, therefore if you rent your home, or ever move home, you can easily take it with you, without cutting pipework.

The Sentry changes the format of calcium in the water to a ball shape , so that when it is heated, it doesn't stick together and cause thick limescale build up, BUT it is still present in your water.

With a Sentry, over time, it also reduces existing scale build up in your home.

For further information on our Water Softeners or Sentrys, please have a look at our website or get in touch and we would be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

We are all in this together.
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